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Guidelines for newsletters: writing in your own voice

February 3rd, 2011

Here’s an excellent piece from Sean D’Souza at about building online readership. In your newsletter, he says, offer something useful, deliver consistently, tell a story, use your own unique voice, include a call to action.

Some of these are easily done (useful offer, deliver consistently) but “using your own unique voice” can take some practice. Sean suggests one method: record your conversation with a friend about your topic, and use your spoken word, which is bound to sound more like you, and therefore interesting.

Another approach is to allow yourself to go crazy on the screen. Pick a topic and keep writing no matter no matter how nutty the words look, no matter how far they range from the topic. You’ll tap into a deeper part of yourself–the part where your true voice is. Then you can just delete the crazy part and, voila! You have yourself on the page in language to engage your reader.

A little like bungee jumping–but far less dangerous.

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