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More about increasing readership with magazine formats

June 21st, 2011

What is it about magazines that appeal to so many people despite growing social media use? Here’s another link (see my last post): about a year ago, 91% of people owning e-readers were active magazine readers.

I find this fascinating. What is it about magazines that engage people? And what guidelines for writing newsletters can we take away from this statistic? Is it the four-color pictures? The fact that the magazine can easily be rolled up? Is it simply that a magazine weighs about the same as an e-reader?

How is it that magazines arrive in a mailbox and, rather than being recycled with the catalogues and brochures, are held and read?

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How to get readers to concentrate on your newsletter

June 16th, 2011

I think there’s a good case to be made for the 12-page, hard copy, black and white newsletter. Have you seen the advertisements in magazines–about how many people actually read them, despite so much on line interaction? “Three quarters of ALL consumers read magazines even though they can find the same information online.”

Why is this so? Because a magazine–or a magazine-like newsletter-invites the reader to sit and browse. Unlike a book, which won’t work if you read it in bits, or an email, which is designed for speed, readers can grab an apple, or a beer, or a cup of tea, and take ten minutes from work. Or, read more easily on the subway or the bus.

Seems to me there’s a good place for what we might call a news-a-zine.

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