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Build customer response with a call to action in your newsletter

July 29th, 2011

As I’ve been writing, the more you call your readers to action the more they are likely to buy your products and services, or participate in your group. Surveys are one way to get action, and they are indeed a kind of call. But you can also come up with many other ways to invite action, especially by making a special offer.

Let’s consider a restaurant, good quality but not highly expensive, where families are made to feel comfortable as they eat fresh and local food.  An invitation to readers might include a simple “bring the whole family and the youngest child eats for free.” But the call for action works even better when you specify, and limit, the dates when the offer is good.

A newsletter with no call to action lacks the energy and the attraction of one that seeks to engage its readers.

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More ideas for improving participation with newsletters

July 26th, 2011

Participation can also mean sales! Improve customer interest in your services and products by inviting participation. Newsletter surveys, as I wrote in my last entry, are a great way to spark interest. Consider a local garden center, for example–and we have plenty of these in my Massachusetts area.  A survey may be a serious tool for gaining information about your customers. But it can also simply be a way to get customers thinking.

Consider this: Include a short survey in your newsletter about the plants people find most difficult to grow. Or, vice versa, ask them which plants do the best in their gardens. Ask them what they most like about gardening, or what they find most difficult (weeding, lack of patience, having to water all the time).

Then, MOST IMPORTANT, publish your results in the next newsletter, as well as on your site, Facebook page, etc. Include a few comments or advice. By doing so you’ll help generate a sense of shared interest between you and your customers, and increase the likelihood that they’ll decide to stop by for a chat and a purchase.

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Improve participation with your newsletter

July 21st, 2011

One thing about newsletters that increase participation is that they call for action of some kind. Let’s think, for example, about a small church, or temple, or mosque.  Sending out a newsletter that only contains news items will not get you very far, especially if you are looking for new members. Of course people like to know about new babies and need to know about the death of member parents, but nothing stirs them like an invitation to act. “What can I do–how am I interested?” are the questions.

Try a survey, not on a sensitive topic like the new minister’s performance, but on some preference, such as “Which of these hymns do you most like to sing?” or “Please rank your preference for the following pot luck supper foods.” Surveys like these get people thinking in ways that may lead to action: members may begin talking with the choir director, ideas for new music may emerge, there may be discussions about how new ways besides pot lucks to bring people together.

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