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Guidelines for adding names to email contact lists

December 15th, 2011

This is a somewhat grey area. Email marketing that is permission-based assumes you are sending to people who have, indeed, given you permission to mail to them. This is the kind of marketing that starts with a relationship and builds on it.

But, what about people who have not, strictly speaking, given you permission, but know your business and, you suspect, might welcome hearing from you monthly?  Here’s how one leading email service provider puts it:

“When in Doubt, Ask for Permission – Not sure if someone would want to receive your emails? Simply ask them! If they say no, add them to your Do Not Mail list so you don’t mail to them by mistake in the future.”

And remember that, if you’ve set things up right, how easy it is to unsubscribe!

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How often to send your email news

December 12th, 2011

It’s quite striking to me how often a new email marketer will express anxiety about bothering subscribers with “too many emails.” They worry that sending more than once a quarter will be annoying and that they will lose their audience.

The fact is that if your subscribers are people who have signed up to receive your news, then they are looking forward to hearing from you, and once a month is a very small part of all the emails that come through an average inbox (take a look at yours!)

Furthermore, if your email message is done right, you are engaging your readers by providing them with useful information. You are building trust, and the expectation that your email is worth opening.

Of course, it’s true that if you are sending email blasts, with rented lists of people who don’t have a clue who you are, you are likely to be sent to the junk mail folder right away.

Otherwise, don’t worry about it! You’ve asked permission, and your format makes it easy for those few who, after all, just can’t stand one more monthly email.

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