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Tips for keeping your email content the right length

January 7th, 2012

I’m someone who loves learning new things–about almost anything, whether it’s the wood pulp industry, wine making, free-range chickens . . . you name it, I’m curious about it.

But what I have to do is remind myself of who I’m writing for. Not everyone wants more than the basics–and when they do want more, they can look it up, with links I provide them or just by relying on Good Old Google.

The key point with email news is to keep the content brief, easy to read, with short sentences and ample white spaces. I usually start by sketching out a passage, then building a simple mock template in Word and seeing what the passage looks like–usually much too long!

Emails are meant to engage, build a relationship, with education as a not very close second. Always know not only what you have said, but how it looks on the page!

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Starting fresh in the new year

January 5th, 2012

This morning we took all the ornaments off the Christmas tree, including the angel at the top and the lights, put everything away, and dragged the tree out the door. Little green, sticky needles everywhere! But the new vacuum cleaner did the cleanup well, and now the living room looks great and ready for the new year.

Some new tool at the start of the year can make a big difference, even if it’s writing you’ve got to do, not sweeping out evergreen needles. What is your new tool? Some social media platform? A blog of your very own? A resolution to keep your Twitter page filled with new content? If you are a hospital, are you finally launching your Facebook page?

Stimulate your energies and efforts with something new this month.

Whatever it is, you have my best wishes.

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