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Still struggling to make social media work for your hospital?

October 15th, 2012

Here’s an excellent short piece by Jenn Riggle about the surprising number of hospitals having trouble making meaningful use of social media. Looks like the essential element can be missing: the ability to build dialogue rather than send out marketing blips into the internet void.

The heart of the matter is the power to engage with your community by using these still new tools, not for advertising but for connection. I’ll say it again: not for advertising but for connection. Inviting people to connect results in building community. People become engaged when you offer them the ability to respond–and something substantive to respond to.

Once again, the challenge is not the technology but the understanding of how to connect. We used to do it in person, by hand delivered messages, then by telephone. Now social media calls on us to learn, again, how to engage, in this vital area of health care.

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