What exactly do you mean, please?

March 9th, 2012 by worddrive Leave a reply »

Every once in a while I just have to make the case for clarity, always with audience in mind, of course. For example, we see the phrase “population health management” more and more often. How important it is to help readers understand these new initiatives!

Here’s a definition of population management from Wikipedia:

“The technical field of endeavor which utilizes a variety of individual, organizational and cultural interventions to help improve the morbidity patterns (i.e., the illness and injury burden) and the health care use behavior of defined populations.”

Of course, Wikipedia is not in the business of marketing, so we can hardly criticize them for this gobbledy-gook, which I suspect is quite accurate, despite the style.

But if you are boasting about your hospital’s new commitment to population health management, are you confident that your readers understand what you are saying?

Next entry, I’ll have some thoughts and rewrites–in the meantime, why not share yours?

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