Tips for interviews that work

May 9th, 2012 by worddrive Leave a reply »

(First, to faithful readers, sorry to have been away so long. I know blogs that succeed are blogs that are tended. Some illness in the family, all better now.)

Now, as to interviews, here’s why I prefer a live conversation, even if we can’t do it face-to-face because my source lives 3,000 miles away–and doesn’t Skype:

  • There’s room for new and unexpected topics, angles, opinions to emerge during the back-and-forth process.
  • Spontaneity means livelier language from my source, and livelier language is always better for my readers.
  • My source can hear from my voice how interested I am in the topic and in what people have to say about it. This means that my source will open up more and give me a richer perspective.

And if email is the only possible connection? That’s for next time.

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