More about rules for adding email subscribers

If the CAN SPAM doesn’t prohibit you from adding contact addresses without permission, are you then free to add anyone who knows you? Your grandmother, first-grade teacher, best friend from high school? If the postage, paper and printing costs are zero, what difference does it make who is on your list?

When you annoy someone by putting them on your list and sending emails they don’t want, you run the risk of being reported as a spammer. Brrrrr, you don’t want that.

Here are some questions to test your decision: Could the person benefit from what you have to say? How much contact have you had? A word or two on LinkedIn, or a fifteen minute phone conversation? On a scale of one to three, how connected do you think you are?

Remember, email marketing works because it is permission-based, and builds on relationships. Better a slow and steady building of names than a hastily collected bunch.

In other words, use your judgment.

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