The horrors of mishandled email marketing lists

Here’s an excellent piece on the very bad idea of mishandling email contact lists.

What strikes me is the extent to which, despite the elegance of the electronic email device, we still must respect what each individual likes to receive in their Inbox. Direct marketers of postcards, brochures, clever envelope designs, can send to “resident” or “occupant” with no penalty.

Not so with emailers. Even though an email is electronic, its arrival in an Inbox makes it an intrusion if it comes without permission. Who’d have thought something so electronic would be experienced as such an irritant?

Much of the reason is the way Inboxes can fill up so quickly. But I think it’s also simply the experience of strange names, unwanted content suddenly appearing in your face, that is to say, on your screen. We own our screens, and when some stranger reaches in . . . Watch out!

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