I’m Jane Sherwin, founder of WordDrive Communications, located in Belmont, Massachusetts, and a fan of good newsletters everywhere.

A veteran writer, I help my clients with their marketing communications. Many, but not all, of my clients are in health care of one kind or another. I have always loved to write. Although I majored (and went to graduate school) in history, I came to understand that what I loved was the stories history tells.

Eventually, after following a variety of paths (including business school and an MBA), I settled down to write for a living, at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, where I learned a great deal about health care management and how to write about it. After twelve years at Blue Cross I started my own company, in 2005, and today when I write for my clients I am helping them to tell their own stories. I love to learn about their strengths and find ways to present their message in a style and voice that are genuine.

I write newsletters and articles, brochures, web content, and just about anything else that is a useful communications tool. My clients are hospitals, health care associations, home health agencies, health care consultants and coaches, community service agencies, and nursing homes, along with mathematicians, IT specialists, and jewelry appraisers.

Because I believe that a good newsletter is always a form of storytelling, I decided to start a blog about newsletters: their uses, what makes them effective in engaging readers and sparking action, mistakes people make in newsletters, how to build good contact lists, the role of newsletters in a larger marketing strategy, and lessons from newsletters of the past. I want to learn as much from the comments my readers have to offer as I hope you will learn from me.

When I say “newsletter” I mean both the hard copy and the email forms. I’m hoping we can explore together why people choose one form or the other, what content works for each, and what their advantages and drawbacks are. As a certified expert in email marketing, I’m always interested in helping people learn about email newsletters and how to make the best use of them. My own monthly email news is called “Words in Motion” and you can subscribe using this link.

I look forward to your comments and intend to respond quickly to them. Join me!

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